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Engineering Social Media Survey

Engineering Social Media Survey

2012 Engineering Social Media Survey

During 2012, we saw a huge increase in the amount of time and effort spent by Engineering professionals on social media websites.

Throughout this time we have recorded information from various sources to help us conduct a survey into the types of information and activities engineers carry out throughout social media sites.

We have also looked into the most popular sites used by engineers and also the types of content they prefer to read or view on these sites.

If you are unable to view the engineering infographic we have a text version which should help you find the information you need.

1)      Which is the most popular Social Media website for Engineers

*Overall 61% of all engineering use Social Media for work related activates

2)      What are the best types of content Engineers like to view?

3)      What do Engineers use Social Media for?

4)      How many Engineers are on LinkedIn

8,522,177 Engineers are currently on LinkedIn

5)      Does Social Media influence Buying Decisions in Engineering?

60% of all Engineers will use Social Media to find new products. They will also look on Social Media for product recommendations

53% will then go on to make an official enquiry or purchase as  a result of Social Media

6)      Is Social Media worth investing in?

Social Media is set to continue in growth which means throughout 2013 your website should be investing time and effort into putting your company and products in front of the relevant engineers.

Research carried out throughout 2012, based on 168 Engineers who have all being surveyed this data is also combined with averages from 2010 & 2011

We now have a new Social Media Survey open for 2013. We would love to have you input as to the types of activities and social media websites you’re currently using or will be using throughout 2013.

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