Our Mission

Martin Gough Speaking


Since CALGAVIN’s inception over 30 years ago, an overall vision that started then has been maintained and carried through in the principles of the company. CALGAVIN still operates today based on this vision, and it is something we incorporate every time we work with a customer.



“CALGAVIN is a company that seeks to provide innovation in the process industry, in order to help provide global progression in project economics and plant performance improvement.

In a modern world where resources are depleting and energy prices are fast rising, it has become more important than ever to consider alternative methods of improving performance on plants, which are not energy intensive or excessively costly. We intend to contribute technologies and services that help deliver these outcomes. Our belief is that changes are needed to meet these goals, and CALGAVIN seeks to drive this forward.

CALGAVIN is committed to these beliefs, and to seeing these improvements come to fruition in global industries. These principles form the basis of what we are trying to achieve and how we intend to be a part of a cleaner, more cost effective industrial world.

Our dedication can be seen by our action of re-investing 15% of our annual turnover into research and development on improved technology that we manufacture which helps improve heat transfer and reduce fouling.

Additionally the services we offer are designed to work closely with plant engineers to maximize existing networks, saving costs and improving processes.”

– Martin Gough, M.D.