Updated hiTRAN.SP software release – V5.50

November 25, 2016

hiTRAN.SP and updated plug-in for HTRI Xchanger Suite® and Aspen EDR INSTRUCTIONS TO DOWNLOAD AND UPGRADE – LINK CALGAVIN LTD is pleased to announce the new release of hiTRAN.SP V5.50. This release supersedes release V5.4x, which will expire by the […]

Research and Development Update

September 9, 2016

At the beginning of 2016 a new in-house test facility to measure the hydraulic and heat transfer performance of CALGAVIN enhancement products was commissioned. This facility is now fully operational and has delivered the first exciting results for enhanced heat […]

August Focus: Optimising Existing Heat Exchangers

August 31, 2016

It has been a remarkably busy month here at CALGAVIN. You may have noticed our August ‘Retrofit’ campaign which has been ongoing over the last month; this included a Blog post on Retrofitting Existing Heat Exchangers, a Case Study on […]

Webinar: How to debottleneck your underperforming heat exchangers

August 23, 2016

You may have noticed that all of our communications this August have been dedicated to retrofitting existing heat exchangers. As part of this, Tom Higley (Technical Sales) will be hosting a Webinar dedicated to ‘Debottlenecking Underperforming Heat Exchangers’. We still […]


August 9, 2016

Find out how we achieved annual savings of £1.4m and increased throughput by 15%… CALGAVIN were chosen to perform a technical evaluation for a Feed Effluent exchanger (p-Xylol production) at Ruhr Oel Refinery Gelsenkirchen, Germany – operated by BP America […]