Air cooled lube oil cooler comparison with and without hiTRAN System

Improved design for an air cooled luve oil cooler, installed on a gas turbine driver compressor: Heat load 373kW

Design ComparisonPlain Bore Finned TubehiTRAN ® enhanced
Number of tubes / row4630
Number of rows of tubes63
Tube length (mm)79253350
Number of tube passes61
Flow length (m)47.553.35
Reynolds number1344687
Heat transfer rate (W/m²K) Finned Surface3.2920.95
Air Rate (m/s)2.293.2
Air Temperature rise (°c)6.6715.33
Number and size of fans (mm)2 x 22502 x 1250
Approximate total fan power (KW)11.85.0
Plot dimensions (m)2.74 x 8.542.05 x 3.95
Plot area (m²)23.408.12
Finned surface (m²)3058.3563.2
Oil pressure drop (kPa)7171
Weight (kg)85002200

Benefits of hiTRAN® enhanced air cooled lube oil cooler

• Requires only ⅓  of the plot area 
• Achieves the same heat duty at the same pressure drop
• Uses less than ½ of the fan power
• Allows flexibility to design within noise level limites
• Lowest cost option

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