Shell and tube exchanger comparison with and without

hiTRAN System

Improved design for shell and tube heat exchanger cooling heavy cycle

gas oil fluid catalytic cracking unit of an oil refinery

Design ComparisonPlain TubehiTRAN ® enhanced
TEMA DesignationBEMBEM
Shell diameter (mm)1524689
Number of tubes1828371
Number of tube passes81
Tube length (mm)60966096
Length of flow path (m)48.86.1
Tube diameter (mm)25.425.4
Effective surface area (m²)874178.5
Performance DetailsPlain TubehiTRAN ® enhanced
Prandtl number (in/out)170/3800170/3800
Reynolds number (in/out)306/14190/8
Overall service co-efficient (W/m²)40182
Tubeside co-efficient (W/m²)51295
Tubeside pressure drop (kPa)7070

Benefits of hiTRAN enhanced air cooled lube oil cooler

• Requires less than ¼ of the effective heat transfer area
• Achieves the same heat duty at the same pressure drop
• Fluid residue time at the wall is reduced
• Risk of thermal degradation fouling is lowered

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