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Research and Development Update


At the beginning of 2016 a new in-house test facility to measure the hydraulic and heat transfer performance of CALGAVIN enhancement products was commissioned. This facility is now fully operational and has delivered the first exciting results for enhanced heat transfer in low Reynolds number flows.

The Unit is designed to operate with fluid viscosities up to several Pas. It comprises a cooling and a heating section. Measurement sensors were selected in order to guaranty the highest accuracy. Massflow is measured using Coriolis and MID flow meters, temperature measurements are taking place using 4-wire high precision RTD’s. Piezo electric sensors are used in order to measure pressure drop along the flow path. All data is transferred via MODBUS and evaluated.

Our Aim is to extend the validity of the current hiTRAN Thermal System correlations towards fluid viscosities above 1PAS. This in technical applications often corresponds to Reynolds numbers below 1. First measurements show that the existing technology can be optimised to achieve higher heat transfer under those flow conditions.  Eventually those correlations will be fully integrated into our hiTRAN.SP software.

We are also working on a number of other exciting projects, particularly concerning the use of our Thermal Systems technology in Film flow applications. Hydrodynamic tests in vertical tube side flow show benefits in terms of better film distribution and the possibility to operate with lower wetting rates.

CALGAVIN has longstanding partnerships with Universities in the UK and Europe. Currently we are working with the ICTV (Institute for Chemical and Thermal Process Engineering) at Braunschweig University in Germany. In this project we are investigating the use of hiTRAN Thermal systems in thermosiphon reboilers operating with low temperature differences. Once again, we aim to implement these findings into our hiTRAN.SP software.

With the next update of hiTRAN.SP scheduled for release in November, HTRI users will now be able to run our software plug-in for two-phase applications. We very much look forward to all of the exciting times ahead in the CALGAVIN Research and Development department.

Dr. Peter Droegemueller
Research and Development Manager