CFD Capabilities

CALGAVIN is using CFD software to stay at the forefront of heat exchanger design and enhancement

To ensure we continue to provide accurate and incisive analysis for our clients, CALGAVIN has incorporated CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software into its services (click to see brochure). CFD is a computer modelling technique that we use to simulate fluid flows. This allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of fluid behaviour in the exchanger, allowing us to identify problem areas in relation to heat transfer and fluid flow. Using this we are able to analyse flow within bundles of a heat exchanger network to identify maldistribution.

CFD also adds value to our analysis on the applicability of hiTRAN thermal systems and twisted tapes, as well as our engineering services such as network analysis and ACHE troubleshooting. Some of the valuable features for clients who may benefit from CFD are:

  • Enhanced Research – By applying CFD models that incorporate hiTRAN systems we have improved our accuracy in project enquiries for clients.
    tube comparison


  • Visualisation – By using CFD on individual exchangers in a network, we can identify with more precision stagnant areas or areas of maldistribution.CFD air cooler


  • Tailoring fluids – Fluid properties can be tailored in order to better model conditions of existing exchangers, which can prove useful when analysing fouling. Non-Newtonian fluids can also be modelled, for enhanced analysis of atypical fluids.
    maldistribution in shell and tube


  • Residence time data – Understanding the length of time fluids reside in tubes can help to understand where fouling is occurring, useful for crude oil applications and food production.
    velocity profile


There are also further potential uses and benefits for clients that CALGAVIN can apply CFD to, such as:

  • heat sink optimisation
  • radiant heat problems
  • mixing simulations of fluid streams
  • model of exothermic reactions