Delivering Solutions From Study to Revamp

CALGAVIN can offer you a service to optimise your entire heat exchanger network

This team specialises in optimizing performance of existing and new heat exchanger networks, saving energy and improving yields.

Study & Survey

CALGAVIN will first proceed with a plant Study & Survey.

This will consist of meetings to establish your expectations and aims as a client, and why your particular operation would benefit from a network analysis and revamp.

The study would consist of:

  • Extracting process stream data
  • Determining the heat recovery options for your current operations
  • A simulation and validation of the existing network against what is required for plant operations
  • Identifying cost effective exchanger enhancement solutions



At this stage in the process the procedure would centralize around reviewing and modelling existing equipment form both thermal and mechanical perspectives. We would examine the current flow field for opportunities to reduce fouling & maldistribution during this phase.

A detailed engineering plan would then be drawn up outlining the requirements for a plant revamp. This would consist of intergrating a conceptual design with the reality of the flowsheet, apply tried and tested real world techniques to make this process as smooth a transition as possible.
concept design & flowsheet


This is the action stage, where once we have received an indication that you as a client are happy with our proposed modifications or if we have produced a new detailed report containing any amendments that you wish to make, we can then take this base and initiate the implementation.

The implementation step will focus around the investment criteria that you as a client feel will meet your needs and what level of return you are expecting to acheive through carrying out a revamp.

supervising installations

Throughout implementation of any methods used for enhancement we would provide supervision of any installation work required, and if requested will source the suppliers for equipment also.


Once all work has been completed, a follow-up evaluation will be carried out. A review into the new plant operations will be conducted, and this will contain:

  • Collection of data in order to provide a comparison of current and previous plant performance
  • A comprehensive report on benefits acheived will be provided
  • A complete summary of the whole project will be provided to you for your own analysis and dissemination


If you think this service will be beneficial to your plant operations and would like to discuss it further, please email our engineers or contact us in other ways through our contact page.