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The Middle East Heavy Oil Congress took place in April 2017 in Bahrain, with a theme of “Accelerating growth”.

The Middle East Heavy Oil Congress has been operating since 2015 and this year, for the first time, CALGAVIN Ltd both exhibited and gave a technical presentation in the field of processing heavy oils.

MEHOC 17 Bahrain April 2017

Interest at CALGAVIN stand at MEHOC 17

Both CALGAVIN’s Technical Sales and Research & Development Mangers attended this event, where Dr Droegemueller (R&D Manager), gave his presentation on “hiTRAN Thermal Systems for more efficient processing of heavy crude oils”.


Dr Peter Drogemueller gives CALGAVIN presentation at MEHOC 17

The presentation covered aspects on droplet settling velocity in crude emulsions and the impact upon dehydration units, the problems with heat transfer on such services and the impact on improving heat recovery using hiTRAN technology.

A case study on the Dos Bocas Terminal for PEMEX illustrated the design and economic benefits achieved. It was noticed that CALGAVIN addressed a fundamental aspect of upstream processing, heat transfer, in comparison to many topics of Crude oil extraction techniques, exploration and the challenges faced when processing viscous low API crudes.

Tom Higley, Technical Sales Manager reflected “The event informed the participants that in comparison to the rest of the world the Middle East also faces challenges when processing heavier crudes in such fields located in Kuwait and Oman, not normally associated with the Gulf region”.

Dr Droegemueller added “The presentations also highlighted that due to aging fields and increased use of EOR techniques the viscosities of crudes gradually increases. This opens up opportunities for the use of heat transfer enhancement technologies to reduce equipment size for de-hydration preheat equipment”