Heat Exchanger Solutions

Benefiting from the experience and success of applying heat transfer enhancement to many types of heat exchangers in a wide variety of process plants, CALGAVIN has steadily expanded its Products and Solutions business to meet the changing needs and problems found when operating process heat exchangers.

CALGAVIN provides solutions to a variety of customers including, (OEM) Original Equipment manufacturers of heat exchangers, Contracting companies and End Users/Operators of process plants. The associated benefits for each type of company are specificly dependant on the solution requirement. But improvements are available for existing/retrofit projects or new design/revamp projects.

We can offer…

  • Increased throughput at same terminal temperatures
  • Re-use of existing equipment
  • Short payback time

For new designs…

  • Reduced number of shells/bundles for the same duty
  • Reduced exchanger size
  • Lower capital costs

The CALGAVIN Engineers offer an analytical engineering service utilising the technologies and tools shown below.

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hiTRAN Systems

Learn about the wire matrix enhancement inserts that can improve heat transfer.
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Twisted Tapes

See our alternative turbulator technology for different applications
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