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Heat Exchanger Solutions

CALGAVIN is one of the leading suppliers of Heat Exchanger solutions and has been providing researched answers  to companies all over the world for over 40 years improving the plant’s performance and in most cases reducing the costs which are involved within running a plant.

They have continually reviewed the range of products and solutions provided to be able to bring the most advanced technology to their products and solutions, They are able to continually bring this to the process industry because of the experience and success with have had previously from applying their heat transfer enhancement products.

CALGAVIN believes that having a great understanding of hydraulics and thermodynamics is the key to be able to solve any heat exchanger problems which might arise within your plant. Our engineering team can offer our CFD (computational fluid dynamics) service and can apply flow visualisation techniques to gain insight into specific fluid dynamics such as with the use of Particle Image velocimetry and laser doppler anemometry.

As well as been one of the leading heat exchanger solutions companies CALGAVIN heavily re-invest into research and development for the benefit of the business, to ensure they can stay on top of the latest technology and continue to build and expand on the range of heat exchanger solutions they have to offer.

The research CALGAVIN look to improve, on a yearly basis, is listed below. 

These are just a few of the things CALGAVIN researches and improves on a yearly basis. As well as this CALGAVIN’s engineers will continuously look into how they can improve and upgrade their hiTRAN Thermal Systems to reflect any issues which might arise within your heat exchanger.