hiTRAN Thermal Systems

hiTRAN Thermal Systems provide unique solutions to substantially enhance the tube-side heat transfer in all tubular constructed heat exchangers; whether considered at preliminary design phase, or through a retrofit to an existing heat exchanger.


hiTRAN Thermal Systems are a type of wire matrix turbulator, easily installed to offer the greatest benefit for laminar and transitional flow regimes where the heat transfer coefficient can be increased up to 16x (dependent upon Reynolds number and element geometry) – they can be used in both single and two-phase flow.

The systems offer a variable geometry that can be selected to meet a broad range of requirements and conditions; in short, a wide variety of processes can benefit.

Our increasingly popular hiTRAN Thermal Systems are manufactured in our UK-based facility, ensuring a robust product quality and bespoke approach in conjunction with our engineering teams.

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What are the benefits of hiTRAN Thermal Systems?

Extensive technical and process benefits can be delivered across process plants in addition to cost and energy saving from the enhanced performance of the heat exchangers. hiTRAN Thermal Systems have been successful in resolving a wide variety of heat exchanger problems including;

  • Fouling mitigation
  • Reducing maldistribution
  • Energy reduction
  • Improved heat exchanger performance
  • Predictable downturn
  • Mitigation of flow instabilities
  • Suppression of film boiling and mist flow
  • Improved product quality.

Our extensive Case Study examples are testament to the benefits of hiTRAN Thermal Systems installation.

How are hiTRAN Thermal Systems installed?

hiTRAN Thermal Systems are remarkably simple to install. Installation can be carried out in-situ without removing the exchanger bundle (vertical or horizontal orientation) or in the workshop during fabrication or maintenance.

The flexibility of the elements means they can be installed with a contact fit to the tube wall which is required for optimum performance.

The hiTRAN Thermal Systems turbulator geometry can be significantly varied to suit different tube sizes and to offer different heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics; performance data is backed by decades of research and measurements in our test rig.

Our informative guide to installation of hiTRAN Thermal Systems highlights the simplicity of this process.