The enhanced performance of hiTRAN Thermal Systems bring a range of benefits in the design and operation of tubular heat exchangers; delivering benefits to the process plant as a whole.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

  • Reduced number of shells-in-series
  • Lower weight – smaller shell diameters
  • Reduced plot space – shorter tube lengths
  • High efficiency single pass designs (important for temperature cross duties)

Case study comparison with and without hiTRAN System – Shell and tube heat exchanger

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

  • Reduced plot space requirement
  • Fewer tube rows
  • Fewer tube passes
  • Lower fan power requirement
  • Reduced fan noise

Case study comparison with and without hiTRAN System – Air cooled Lube oil cooler

Process Benefits

The characteristics of hiTRAN Thermal Systems give rise to the following process benefits:

  • Thermal performance maintained under turndown conditions
  • Improved product quality through reduced temperature gradients
  • Intrinsic safety through reduced fluid inventory
  • Longer on-stream time through reduced fouling tendency
  • Processing higher Prandtl number fluids i.e. where viscosity and thermal conductivity constrain the rate of heat transfer.
  • Improved operability through the use of parallel exchanger layouts to offer online maintenance options

Have a look at our examples below or see our dedicated Case Studies page.

Steam heated residual tar oil heaters

(CS15) Tar oil residue heating system in carbon black plant reaches 25 years operation – longer run times, minimum fall-off in performance while processing residue prone to polymerisation and coking CABOT CARBON

HCGO/tempered water cooler.

(CS9) New heavy cycle gas oil cooler designed with 80% reduced surface area provides consistent performance without usual sticky deposit formation IMPERIAL OIL

Enhancement of LNG forcing vapouriser on vessel

(CS4) LNG Vapouriser – thermal performance rescued by eliminating liquid droplet carry-over, film boiling limitation and flow maldistribution ADNOC

Vacuum residue/crude oil preheat exchanger

(CS7) Crude unit exchanger designed with combined enhancement technologies achieves 9 year operation with minimal fouling DEUTSCHE BP

Heavy wax distillate cooler

(CS6) Wax crystalisation fouling eliminated in heavy wax distillate cooling service with additional benefits of 50% surface area reduction BP OIL

Paraxylene feed/effluent vapouriser

(CS3) Paraxylene feed/effluent vapouriser – increased capacity achieved from 100% improvement in tubeside heat transfer co-efficient ICI CHEMICALS (HUNTSMAN CHEMICALS)

Vacuum distillation reboiler

(CS2) Vacuum distillation reboiler – retrofit achieves 40% increased duty plus 20% spare capacity MOHAWK LUBRICANTS

Hysomer feed/effluent exchanger

(CS1) Correcting vapour flow maldistribution and low vapour phase co-efficient increases performance of Hysomer feed/effluent exchanger DEUTSCHE SHELL