Enhancement of Condensers

Physically hiTRAN Matrix Elements effect a general draining of the fluid from the wall to the tube centre. Fluid attaches to the wires and is guided to form a rivulet down the core of the element. Mechanisms are similar for horizontal tube-side condensation with the core draining effect being more limited. In all cases vapour mass and heat transfer enhancement has a significant contribution and particularly in vapour phase cooling of multi-component mixtures.

Benefits of hiTRAN Systems in condensers

Condensation visualisation studies (Cal Gavin labratories)

  • Film mixing
  • Film thinning
  • Film draining
  • Enhancing vapour phase cooling, particularly multi component mixtures
  • Increasing inter-phase mass transfer rates

hiTRAN Matrix Elements enhance in-tube condensation by disturbing and thinning the condensate film, enhancing vapour phase cooling and increasing mass transfer rates. In many circumstances these effects can significantly improve overall heat transfer performance, particularly in such applications as:

  • Vent condensers
  • Vacuum condensers with inert components
  • Condensation of wide-boiling mixtures
  • Reflux condensers

When designing new condensers, it is common to place the condensing stream on the shellside of an exchanger. However,  opting for tubeside condensation brings the following advantages:

  • No tube vibration
  • Higher tube count
  • Better fluid distribution
  • No vapour/ liquid separation

Where concerns over coolant fouling exists, low-fouling shell-side geometries can be specified to create a compact condenser package with minimal maintenance  requirements.