Installation FAQs

How easy are hiTRAN Matrix Elements to install?

Installation is straightforward and involves pulling the Matrix Elements into the tubes in the direction of flow. They are normally retained in the tubes by simple methods. Once installed they normally require no attention unless maintenance requires access to the tubes, in which case they can be removed and reinstalled in the same way.

Can hiTRAN Matrix Elements be applied to U-Tubes?

Yes, it is possible to fit the Elements into the straight legs of U–Tube Exchangers. The elements simply have to be push fitted instead of being pulled into place.  The elements will have a looser fit and one leg of each tube will have the element fitted in the opposite direction. These factors are taken into account when our engineers carry out their performance calculations.

Can hiTRAN Matrix Elements be retro fitted?

hiTRAN Matrix Elements are easily fitted and removed.  They are flexible along their length for ease of installation even where access is restricted. Elements are simply guided into place along the axis of the tube. Exchanger tubes must be in a clean condition before the elements are installed as it is important that the loops on the elements have contact with the tube wall.

When is hiTRAN fitted into new Heat Exchangers?

The exchanger fabricator will insert the elements after completion of the bundle. All instructions and equipment for fitting are provided and if required CALGAVIN can provide site assistance and supervision.