Matrix Elements are normally supplied in continuous lengths of up to 6 metres.  For longer tubes separate elements can be joined and installed in series.

hiTRAN Matrix Elements are bespoke to each customer and can be designed to fit tube diameters from 4mm to 150mm.

To ensure optimum performance the Matrix Elements are normally installed in the direction of fluid flow within the tube.  Wherever access permits, the Matrix Elements are pulled into the tube.

Matrix Elements are secured at the end of the tubes using the hiTRAN  ‘Key Link’ system, or by joining the element centre cores together, across the tube plate.  The retaining systems used are very robust and designed to keep the elements in place under all flow conditions.

Full instructions and diagrams are provided for installation, with the necessary securing wires, joining fittings and securing rods.

Air Cooler for Shell oil

Air-cooler for Shell Oil, Nigeria, fitted with hiTRAN Matrix Elements in less than 3 hours.

Retrofit on FPSO, Exterran (UK)

Courtesy: Exterran (UK)

BP Oil system installation

Courtesy of BP Oil, UK

Key link system being fitted

‘Key Link’ system being fitted to citric acid heater. Courtesy: Miles Laboratories, USA.

hiTRAN installation

hiTRAN installation. Courtesy: KCC

Securing hiTRAN Matrix Elements

Securing hiTRAN Matrix Elements. Courtesy: Cabot Carbon, UK

Ethylene glycol exchangers

Ethylene glycol exchangers. Courtesy: Bronswerk Heat Transfer, Netherlands

hiTRAN element fixing detail

For air-cooled heat exchangers with plug headers and other exchanger designs where access is restricted, HiTRAN® ‘Core Anchors’ are used to secure the elements at the tube ends.