Retrofitting Exchangers

Whether you are increasing throughput, reducing your energy bill, or both, your existing heat exchangers present limitations.  Installing new, larger exchangers is expensive and plot space is often restrictive. hiTRAN Thermal Systems offer the possibility of achieving your goals without the need to replace your existing heat exchangers.

hiTRAN Thermal Systems are specifically designed for retrofit applications and are quickly and easily installed in most types of tubular heat exchanger.  The individual elements are robustly secured within each tube, yet are easily removed for cleaning and inspection purposes.

The increase in tubeside heat transfer offered by the retrofit can deliver a number of benefits to your plant:

  • Increased throughput while maintaining terminal temperatures
  • Improved heat recovery through closer approach temperatures
  • Longer run times

CALGAVIN engineers are experienced in the development of retrofit proposals and will seek a minimum cost solution to meet your process targets.  In some cases hiTRAN Thermal Systems can be directly applied without modification to the heat exchanger.  Where modifications are required they are usually limited to alterations to pass arrangements to mitigate pressure drop impact.  Even in cases where new bundles are required to provide a solution, the ability to retain other components and the avoidance of structural modifications usually ensures a rapid payback on your investment.

The images below illustrate the ease with which hiTRAN Thermal Systems can be installed in existing heat exchangers.  The exchanger bundle does not need to be removed and minimal space is required for access.

Texas Tower installation

Retrofitting Feed Effluent Exchanger. Ruhr Oel, BP America INC

Exterran, FPSO, Thailand installation

Retrofitting exchanger on FPSO. Exterran, Thailand