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What are hiTRAN™ Thermal Systems?

Within the Process Industry, expansion revamp projects are not necessarily straight forward and viable within plot space constraints, plant budgets and plant throughput targets. However, hiTRAN™ Thermal Systems are now widely recognised to substantially enhance the heat transfer performance of tubular heat exchangers. This in turn enables the use of existing units to reach plant targets or alternatively replacement units being used that fit within plot space limits, which would normally under empty tube conditions, not be possible.

The emergence of advanced heat exchanger designs, and the adoption of enhancement technologies incorporated into TEMA and API type exchangers are becoming more common as a means of reducing the capital and operating costs of new plants and extending the operating envelope of existing problematic exchangers.

In existing designs, Shell and Tube and Air-cooled heat exchangers frequently bottleneck output limiting the performance efficiency of a process plant. When revamping and debottlenecking existing plants, the retrofit of heat transfer enhancement can lead to substantial benefits for minimal capital cost and rapid payback, compared to the alternative of revamping with a larger heat exchanger. This traditional alternative will naturally incur additional high capital costs during the commissioning phase (cutting pipework and implementing new ancillaries etc).

For new plants, the benefits of advanced heat exchanger technology are maximised if consideration is given during the conceptual process design/feed phase.

How does hiTRAN™ Thermal Systems work?

hiTRAN™ Thermal Systems are a form of wire matrix turbulator that enhance radial mixing, increasing fluid shear stress at the tube wall; this reduces both boundary layer film resistances and extreme wall temperatures, providing benefits of increased thermal efficiency and advantageous influences mitigating fouling in the right applications.

The technology is fast becoming the primary solution in an ever-expanding range of process applications where tube-side heat transfer is limited. Through an amalgamation of trusted engineering expertise, bespoke hiTRAN™.SP design and selection program software, and thousands of successful installations worldwide, we are confident that hiTRAN™ thermal and hydraulic performance can be predicted to a degree of high accuracy.

hiTRAN™ Thermal Systems technology can be implemented in a range of key heat exchanger applications which include:

In addition, there are many other applications, with more emphasis for two phase downstream services becoming ever more popular in resolving heat exchanger issues.

With the increasing pressure across the industry to reduce capital and operational costs why not see for yourself the impact of hiTRAN™ Thermal Systems technology free of charge, you may be surprised.

The CALGAVIN heat transfer engineers have extensive knowledge of thermodynamics, heat transfer and fluid flow combined with the experience of providing solutions to hundreds of plants and engineering teams worldwide.

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