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CALGAVIN understands the importance of continuous research to improve the quality of the products we manufacture and the services we offer to our clients. As we recognise the value of striving to improve, CALGAVIN re-invests 15% of turnover back into research and development.

This ranges from investment into developing new testing rigs for hiTRAN thermal systems in order to explore new applications and fluids, to developing new versions of our in house produced calculation software, hiTRAN.SP.

In addition to our own research, CALGAVIN works with a significant number of universities to research new avenues in regards to our own products and services, as well as other desired subject matters.

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To help you better understand CALGAVIN’s role as a solutions provider, below are a range of tools you can use to increase your knowledge on our products and services.

To see some examples of work we’ve done, you can take a look our case studies, and for a more in depth explanation check out our technical papers.
To see some of our research we are carrying out, you can click our research tab, or for a visual understanding please have a look at our video demonstrations.

If you would like references for any of our work, please click here.

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