Heat Transfer Related Webinars

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These live technical webinars are designed to help your understanding of heat transfer solutions, presented by our experienced Engineering team, as well as guest presenters.

Webinar Archive

Overcoming Challenges in Heat Exchanger Design Series

Webinar Title Link
1. Cooling Viscous Liquids (Ian Gibbard & Peter Ellerby) March 2018 Webinar
2. Cooling Near a Pour Point (Ian Gibbard & Peter Ellerby) April 2018 Webinar
3. Heat Recovery (Ian Gibbard, Tom Higley & Peter Ellerby) May 2018 Webinar
4. Total Vaporisation (Ian Gibbard, Peter Ellerby, Dr -Ing Peter Drögemüller) July 2018 Webinar
5. Boiling with a Low Delta T (Ian Gibbard & Dr -Ing Peter Drögemüller) Sep 2018 Webinar
6. Heat Exchangers for Batch Reactors (Ian Gibbard & Tom Higley) Oct 2019 Webinar
7. Heat Exchanger Reactors (Ian Gibbard & Dr -Ing Peter Drögemüller Feb 2020 Webinar


Principles of Heat Transfer Series

Webinar Title Link
Principles of single phase heat transfer in round tubes (Dr -Ing Peter Drögemüller) Sep 2017 Webinar 
Part 2 – Principles of Single Phase Heat Transfer in Round Tubes – Applications and Flow Maps (Dr -Ing Peter Drögemüller) Nov 2017 Webinar
Debottlenecking Underperforming Heat Exchangers (Tom Higley) Jul2016 Webinar


Our engineering team strives to share their know-how with the user community and to walk through the fundamentals of heat transfer relating to the processing industry.

To meet this objective, we prepare 30-minute webinars that are held several times a year. Webinars are an ideal way to introduce new major functionalities and demonstrate the use and benefits of heat transfer solutions.

Following the live webinar event, the webinar recordings are posted on our website and Vimeo channel so Members can view them at any time. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!