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Process units are under continuous pressure to improve product quality, reduce energy usage and deliver higher reliability.  Achieving these goals requires systematic identification of processing constraints coupled with an understanding of the reality of day-to-day operation.

For over 30 years CALGAVIN has built up an unrivalled expertise in the thermal analysis of process plants.  Our engineers have extensive knowledge of thermodynamics, heat transfer and fluid flow combined with the experience of working with hundreds of plants.  This knowledge and real-world experience can rapidly identify critical performance limits and develop improved solutions.  Looking beyond individual heat exchangers, CALGAVIN engineers are skilled in the evaluation of overall plant energy use and efficiency.

Improvement projects will always be based on extracting the optimum performance from existing assets.  CALGAVIN employs process integration techniques to maximise the energy efficiency of existing plants, while understanding that not all projects which work on paper will translate into effective solutions on site.  Emphasis is placed on robust proposals which account for the realities of plant operation and therefore deliver real savings.  Enhancement techniques, sourced both in-house and from third parties, are applied where appropriate to optimise the performance of existing equipment and minimise the requirement for new capital expenditure.

Ultimately, expansion of the plant may be required to achieve process targets.  In this context, process goals must be achieved with minimum capital outlay and within space constraints.  CALGAVIN can assist by maximising the effectiveness of existing asset base and minimising the size and cost of any new equipment required.

Working with an extensive toolkit of analysis software and hardware solutions, backed up by 30 years of hands-on experience, research data and application feedback from customers. CALGAVIN can help you unlock the potential of your plant.

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