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Software Downloads

CALGAVIN is pleased to announce that v5.6.2 of hiTRAN.SP is now available for DOWNLOAD. This is available for those who have completed the separate software application form and received a confirmatory email.

If you need to apply for the hiTRAN.SP software then please complete the form at 

This download comprises the plug in for HTRI Xchanger Suite and Aspen EDR products and also a standalone version.
The upgraded version is free of charge and will be valid until end of Jan 2020.

In order to download, please login to the CALGAVIN website using your Username and Password previously created. If you do not have an account please register for software access.

hiTRAN.SP Software

For the calculation of tubeside heat transfer and pressure drop in hiTRAN enhanced heat exchangers, the software program hiTRAN.SP is available for download.

After installation, hiTRAN.SP can be used as a standalone calculation tool and also as a “plug-in” for selected heat exchanger design programs.

In Aspentech EDR & HTRI Software hiTRAN.SP will be detected as a “plug-in” enabling the user to set tube internals for enhanced heat exchanger design to hiTRAN Wire Matrix Elements.

During the calculation process the hiTRAN.SP assigns unique hiTRAN Wire turbulator geometry, determined by bundle geometry, process conditions and property data. Each turbulator is designed in a way that the entire allowable pressure drop is used, in order to maximise the heat exchanger performance.

hiTRAN SP software registration process

Process for downloading hiTRAN.SP Heat Exchanger software