hiTRAN software plug-in

For HTRI software & Aspentech Exchanger Design & Rating CALGAVIN has developed hiTRAN.SP, a software “plug-in” to design tubular heat exchangers equipped with hiTRAN Wire Matrix Elements. The use of this utility enables the equipment engineer to design a fully optimised heat exchanger using two of the most powerful software design packages on the market.

The Software plug in is available to calculate shell & tube heat exchangers and also crossflow heat exchangers. Currently only single phase flow applications are supported.

Calculations are performed incrementally, using for each increment the CALGAVIN in house correlations for heat transfer and pressure drop.

The “plug-in” is free of charge and part of the download which also includes our hiTRAN.SP standalone software program. To receive the Software you need to register in the registration section. Once you are registered you can apply for download in the software download section.

Main Features are:

  • Calculation algorithm takes up all the allowable pressure drop, to be converted into heat transfer
  • Incremental heat transfer and pressure drop calculations
  • U- tube calculation
  • Tailored wall correction factors for heat transfer and pressure drop depending on hiTRAN Turbulator geometry
  • For air coolers hiTRAN can be assigned to certain tube passes
  • Unique Matrix Element design expressed in unique Part Number
  • Graphical result window which allows user to compare plain empty tube and hiTRAN performance
  • Online help

Plug-in for HTRI

Plug-in for Aspentech EDR software

Current limitations:

  • Single phase flow only
  • Tube diameters  12mm < tube ID < 28mm
  • Reynolds Range: 1 to 500000

hiTRAN SP software registration process

Process for downloading the hiTRAN.SP Heat Exchanger Solutions Software.