Plug-in for Aspentech EDR Software

Part of the download hiTRAN.SP package is a “plug-in” for Aspentech EDR Software products.
This “plug-in” works for Aspentech EDR Software Version V7.2 or higher.
The “plug-in” supports the module Air Cooled for air cooled heat exchangers and Shell & Tube, the module for shell & tube heat exchangers.

hiTRAN Insert calculations can be used in Rating / Checking calculations and also in Simulation mode. In Rating / Checking the insert is optimised in a way, that the whole tube side pressure drop is taken up to achieve maximum heat transfer performance.

Aspentech incremental correlations for empty tube performance are replaced by hiTRAN correlations for heat transfer and pressure drop.

Special features are:


Possibility to design crossflow exchangers with up to three different hiTRAN Elements geometries in selected tube passes.

Screenshots in Aspentech EDR:

Once installed the hiTRAN option is accessible in Shell&Tube and AirCooled.

Aspentech screenshot 1

Additional hiTRAN information can be shown as a graphical performance display; here plain empty tube performance is compared to the performance of hiTRAN wire matrix elements. It is also possible to access the up to date online help system in this display window.

Aspentech screenshot 2