Plug-in for HTRI Software

CALGAVIN offer a download package plug-in for the HTRI Xchanger Suite.
This “plug-in” works for Xchanger Suite V6.0   SP3 or higher.
The “plug-in” supports Xace for air cooled heat exchangers and economizers, Xist for shell and tube heat exchangers and also the module Xjpe for double pipe heat exchangers.

The “plug-in” can be used in “Rating” and “Simulation” mode.
In “Rating” mode the insert is optimised in a way that the whole tube side pressure drop is taken up to achieve maximum heat transfer performance.

HTRI incremental correlations for empty tube performance are replaced by hiTRAN correlations for heat transfer and pressure drop.

HTRI Software Plugin Features:


Possibility to design crossflow exchangers with hiTRAN Elements in selected tube passes.

Shells in series are supported in that way that for each shell optimised insert geometry is calculated.

Dedicated CALGAVIN Tab under reports:

In this section order information and hiTRAN related warning and error messages are displayed.

Screenshots in HTRI:

Once installed the hiTRAN option is accessible under [Tube internals] in the different Xchanger suite modules.

HTRI Screenshot 1

A dedicated hiTRAN Insert tab appears to provide all the information necessary to perform a hiTRAN optimised heat exchanger design

HTRI Screenshot 2

Additional hiTRAN information can be shown as a graphical performance display; here plain empty tube performance is compared to the performance of hiTRAN Wire Matrix Elements. From here it is also possible to access the up to date online help system.

HTRI Screenshot 3

A dedicated CALGAVIN hiTRAN tab displays product information, such as calculated optimised part number. hiTRAN.SP related warning and error messages are also displayed in this section.

HTRI Screenshot 4