hiTRAN.SP stand-alone software

Part of the hiTRAN.SP Software package is a standalone programme, this allows users without the access to Aspentech heat exchanger design software to calculate the tubeside pressure drop and heat transfer coefficients for tube bundles.

For a known exchanger geometry, by entering the tubeside inlet and outlet process and property condition, the software calculates optimised hiTRAN Wire Matrix Insert geometry. The insert geometry is optimised in that way, that it will take up the entire allowable tube side pressure drop in order to optimise the tube side heat transfer in the bundle.

hiTRAN.SP features:

  • On-line tutorial
  • SI, US, MKH unit support, possibility of unit conversion
  • Warning in case data base for calculation is insufficient
  • Full results print out, including optimised hiTRAN Part Number
  • Graphical result window which allows user to compare plain empty tube and   hiTRAN performance
  • Utilisation of all the allowable tubeside pressure loss
  • Maximisation of heat transfer potential
  • Possibility to import geometry, process and property from Windows Excel

Current limitations:

  • Single phase flow only
  • Tube diameters  6mm < tube ID < 42mm
  • Reynolds Range: 1 to 500000

The  hiTRAN.SP standalone software is free of charge. To receive the Software you need to register in the registration section. Once you are registered you can apply for download in the software download section.

Screenshots of hiTRAN.SP standalone:

Input tree menu for geometry, process and property data.
Results are shown as hiTRAN.SP calculation summary

hiTRAN SP Standalone Results sheet screenshot

hiTRAN SP Standalone Calculator screenshot


hiTRAN SP software registration process

Process for downloading the hiTRAN.sp Engineering Software