Together with CALGAVIN we worked on a thermosiphon debottlenecking project. The support from CALGAVIN was fast and oriented and on our target.

The collaboration was smooth and professional. Due to the good product and have realistic assessment from CALGAVIN project was really successful.
Thomas Runowski Bayer technical services (head distillation and phase separation)
I can confirm that CALGAVIN Ltd completed the successful reconstruction of a hydroheater as part of a catalytic reforming unit on the Vologograd refinery.

This retrofit with hiTRAN Matrix Elements enhanced the thermal rating and increased the duty of the heater while still reducing heat loss at the same time.
V.A. Zyazin Lukoil - Director General
Very simply, operating performance has been terrific, much better than what I had expected.

Might be the best money I ever spent as an Engineer in my 37 year career.
Michael Coyle Braskem Americas & Dow Joint Venture
I would like to commend CALGAVIN. Over many years we have used CALGAVIN products for a wide variety of applications.

We have found that their products are reliable and that the service given by the company has been second to none.
Graham Hart (Chairman) Graham Hart Process Technology Ltd.