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CALGAVIN Webinars Well Received

CALGAVIN Video Studio

CALGAVIN Webinar Studio

With our team of expert presenters, we have created an ever-expanding repository of well received webinars over the last 2 years, with more in development.

These have all been made available as a video stream to view, to the registered members on the CALGAVIN website, and are well worth reviewing again or for colleagues to view for the first time.

These webinars include a range of issues including Debottlenecking Underperforming Heat Exchangers, two webinars covering the Principles of Single Phase Heat Transfer in Round Tubes and a series of webinars about Overcoming Challenges in Heat Exchanger Design.

You will need to visit and login (or register first) and then visit the links below

The details of the current webinars available are:

Debottlenecking Underperforming Heat Exchangers (Tom Higley)

This webinar helps viewers understand how to increase plant throughput with minimal capital expenditure, and looks at the challenges, troubleshooting, solutions and the results achievable.

Tom Higley is the Technical Sales Manager at CALGAVIN.


Principles of Single Phase Heat Transfer in Round Tubes -Part 1 (Dr. -Ing Peter Drögemüller)

This webinar covers the different mechanism of single phase heat transfer associated with the different flow regimes inside round tubes. The discussion will focus on heat transfer in laminar and transitional flow, which can be governed by forced or ‘so called’ mixed convection. Mixed convection heat transfer, where natural convection effects are superimposed to forced convection flow, are highly complex and difficult to be correlated. Under those conditions thermal flow stratification with possible in-tube temperature pinch are observed.

Measurement results backed up with computational flow simulations (CFD) will be presented and will give a good understanding about the underlying mechanisms and uncertainties in such flow conditions.

Dr Peter Drögemüller is the Research & Development Manager at CALGAVIN.


Part 2 – Principles of Single Phase Heat Transfer in Round Tubes – Applications and Flow Maps (Dr. -Ing Peter Drögemüller)

In the first part of this webinar we discussed the fundamentals of single phase heat transfer in round tubes, with focus on laminar flow. In this webinar we applied this knowledge to discuss different case studies. The case studies will reflect exchangers operating in forced or mixed convection regime.

Laminar flow conditions evaluated will range from high viscous polymer exchanger in forced convection flow to slow flowing low viscous fluids in temperature cross situations. Using flow maps, the characteristics are identified and explained with the help of CFD simulations. We will also discuss different reasons, which drives the heat exchanger design towards laminar fluid allocations on the tube side.

Dr Peter Drögemüller is the Research & Development Manager at CALGAVIN.


Overcoming Challenges in Heat Exchanger Design (Series led by Ian Gibbard)

This was a series of five webinars covering this series topic, with expert comment for the interactive sections.

Ian Gibbard is a 25+ years experienced heat transfer consultant at Progressive Thermal Engineering.

We are always looking for feedback on future webinar topics so please do email with your suggestions.