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Webinar: hiTRAN.SP Software Integration in HTRI Xchanger Suite®

In this webinar, on 25th October, Dr. -Ing Peter Drögemüller (R&D Manager, CALGAVIN) will explain how this is aimed toward users of our design software hiTRAN.SP in conjunction with HTRI Xchanger Suite®. It builds on the fundamentals of hiTRAN Thermal Systems in single phase flow which were explained in webinar “hiTRAN Heat Transfer Enhancement in Single Phase Flow”. We recommend watching this webinar, and please contact CALGAVIN for access via .

In the upcoming webinar the integration from our hiTRAN.SP software into HTRI Xchanger Suite® is demonstrated. We will show how to identify suitable applications for hiTRAN Thermal Systems using the hiTRAN optimisation panel. Starting from an empty tube design we will be demonstrating, step by step, how the exchanger size can be reduced using hiTRAN enhancement.  It is also shown in a HTRI / hiTRAN.SP case study how the technology can be used to retrofit existing exchangers to improve the performance. The difference between hiTRAN insert optimisation in rating mode and simulation calculations are explained.

As a result the webinar attendee will be made familiar how-to setup hiTRAN cases in HTRI Xchanger Suite® and the underlying methodology.

Please Note: CALGAVIN reserve the right to vet registrants

Date: Thursday 25th October
Time: 14:00 (UK time)
Duration: 45 minutes

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