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Webinar: hiTRAN Heat Transfer Enhancement in Single Phase Flow

In two earlier webinars (links below) we discussed the fundamentals and applications of single phase heat transfer in round tubes without enhancement. This upcoming webinar will include enhancement technology.

In this webinar Peter Drögemüller (R&D Manager, CALGAVIN) will explain how hiTRAN Thermal Systems changes the hydrodynamics in tube flow. This is demonstrated using dye stream and sophisticated laser measurement techniques. The change in hydrodynamic has profound implications on the tube side heat transfer. Especially in laminar flow double figure increases in tube side heat transfer are possible. Measured data and CFD simulations are used to back up the findings.

Date: Wednesday 13 February 2019
Time: 08:30 GMT / 12:30 Dubai / 14:00 Mumbai / Jakarta 15:30 /
Singapore 16:30 / Perth 16:30 / Tokyo 17:30 / Seoul 17:30

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During the webinar we will also explain how to design hiTRAN enhanced exchangers without pressure drop penalty, but much increased heat transfer.

Transitional flow heat transfer was identified as an area with extreme uncertainties. It will be shown, that when using hiTRAN enhancement, uncertainties in heat exchanger design are avoided. We also identified thermal stratification as a major source of uncertainties, when designing exchangers operating in laminar flow without enhancement. During this webinar we will show how hiTRAN Thermal Systems can be used as a powerful tool to eliminate those thermal flow stratifications.
The webinar forms the basis of follow up in-depth webinars on various topics related to hiTRAN enhanced heat exchanger design.

We still have spaces left, so do join us for a 30-minute session followed by 10 minutes Q&A:

These webinars will be ideally suited for thermal design engineers who have to design heat transfer equipment for such flow conditions.

Note: CALGAVIN reserves the right to vet registrants

It is highly recommended to watch the earlier webinars, in the series, prior to attending this webinar.

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