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Webinar: hiTRAN™ Thermal Systems in tube side condensing processes

Webinar Series logoIn this webinar, given by Dr Peter Droegemueller (R&D Manager, CALGAVIN), we will focus on hiTRAN™ Thermal Systems in tube side condensing processes. 

The processing and refining industries commonly use tube side condensers and the allocation of the condensing fluid to the tube side can be driven by the requirement for low inventories, use of expensive corrosion-resistant materials or where air coolers are used.

Webinar: hiTRAN™ Thermal Systems in tube side condensing processes
Date: Wednesday 17 July 2019
Time: Houston 08:30  /14:30 London / 15:30 Frankfurt  / Abu Dhabi 17:30 / Mumbai 19:00

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When condensing single component vapours, heat transfer coefficients are high. The situation changes, when condensing multicomponent mixtures or if the condensation takes place with inert components. Under those conditions, the performance of condensers is often controlled by additional mass transport limitations between the liquid and vapour interface.

To maintain the condensation process, the multicomponent vapour must be cooled. This becomes a challenge since particularly at low vapour velocities the resulting sensible vapour cooling coefficient is low. The use of hiTRAN™ Thermal System improves several aspects of the tube side condensation process. In this Webinar, we explain in detail the changes in hydrodynamic in vertical and also in horizontal condensers when applying hiTRAN™.

With the use of flow maps, we will show in detail how the flow and therefore, also the heat and mass transfer is altered when using hiTRAN™ technology. During the webinar, we will give guidelines which variables are important to determine whether the hiTRAN™ installation will be beneficial. Industrial case studies are presented where hiTRAN™ Thermal Systems was used to increase performance.