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Webinar: Heat Exchangers for Batch Reactors

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This webinar, presented by Ian Gibbard (Progressive Thermal Engineering) is one of a continuing series which addresses a range of common heat exchanger design challenges. Each webinar focuses on a particular issue in heat exchanger design, examining the background to the problem and comparing typical solutions. The format of the webinars will encourage audience interaction and the sharing of relevant knowledge and experience.

In this session, the challenges involved in the heating and cooling of batch reactors will be explained. Most reactors require the facility to add and/or remove heat during the batch cycle, and the more efficiently this can be achieved the better. 

External jackets or internal coils may be sufficient for small reactors or modest heat loads, but in many cases, an external heat exchanger will be required. Although such heat exchangers are relatively simple, the geometric constraints placed on the layout can make their design challenging. An example will be used to demonstrate how an effective design can be achieved.

Webinar: Heat Exchangers for Batch Reactors

Date: Wednesday 30th October 2019

Time: Houston 09:30  /14:30 London / 15:30 Frankfurt  / Abu Dhabi 18:30 / Mumbai 20:00

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