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Webinar: Heat Exchanger Reactors

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This webinar, presented by Ian Gibbard (Progressive Thermal Engineering), is one of a series “Overcoming Challenges in Heat Exchanger Design” which addresses a range of common heat exchanger design challenges.  Each webinar focuses on a particular issue in heat exchanger design, examining the background to the problem and comparing typical solutions. The format of the webinars will encourage audience interaction and the sharing of relevant knowledge and experience.

In this session, the challenges involved in the design of heat exchanger reactors will be addressed.  Simultaneous heat transfer and chemical reaction are often desirable when the reaction is exothermic, in order to maintain the optimal temperature of the reaction mixture.  However, designing a heat exchanger for chemical reaction service is far more complex than for heat transfer alone.  The webinar will identify the additional factors to be considered and discuss some potential solutions.

Webinar: Heat Exchanger Reactors

Date: Wednesday 5th February

Time: 08:30 Houston / 14:30 London / 15:30 Frankfurt / 18:30 Abu Dhabi  / 20:00 Mumbai 

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