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Webinar: Single Phase Flow Maldistribution in Heat Exchangers

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This webinar, presented by Ian Gibbard (Progressive Thermal Engineering), is one of a series which addresses a range of common heat exchanger design challenges. Each webinar focuses on a particular issue in heat exchanger design, examining the background to the problem and comparing typical solutions. The format of the webinars will encourage audience interaction and the sharing of relevant knowledge and experience.

In this session, the challenges dealing with single phase maldistribution in heat exchangers will be investigated. The topics covered include the general effects of maldistribution (heat transfer coefficient, temperature driving force, fouling etc.), manifold maldistribution, the effect of maldistribution by exchanger type (ACHE, STHE and PFHE) and common problems and their solutions.


Webinar: Single Phase Flow Maldistribution in Heat Exchangers

Date: Wednesday 29th April

Time: 08:30 Houston / 14:30 London / 15:30 Frankfurt / 17:30 Abu Dhabi  / 19:00 Mumbai 

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