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Thermal Processing Solutions to Improve Plant Performance

For over 30 years CALGAVIN has built up an unrivalled expertise in the thermal analysis of process plants.

Our engineers have extensive knowledge of thermodynamics, heat transfer and fluid flow combined with the experience of providing solutions to hundreds of plants worldwide. In support of our proposals the company spends some 15% of turnover on research, and in particular develops, manufactures and supplies equipment to enhance heat transfer and reduce fouling.

A vital aspect of energy saving and cost reduction on projects is to maximise the performance of heat exchangers. If heat exchangers are performing at maximum capacity this can provide numerous benefits, such as:

  • Avoiding excessive fuel & utility usage to meet required duties.
  • Higher quality product output.
  • Saving requirements for further heat exchangers to be installed, reducing costs such as piping, support structures, installation, metalwork, etc.
  • Enhanced initial cooling removes the need for secondary cooling in storage, and the same can be applied for heating.
  • Higher product retention, reducing the required throughput/pumping power.

Anyone involved in a project should consider heat exchanger performance as a priority, and not as a secondary thought. Not taking action can lead to irreversible damage through fouling, or can cause unplanned shutdowns. In the worst case it can significantly affect the project economics.