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Thermal Processing Solutions to Improve Plant Performance

For over 30 years CALGAVIN has built up an unrivalled expertise in the thermal analysis of process plants.

Our engineers have extensive knowledge of thermodynamics, heat transfer and fluid flow combined with the experience of providing solutions to hundreds of plants worldwide. In support of our proposals the company spends some 15% of turnover on research, and in particular develops, manufactures and supplies products to enhance heat transfer and reduce fouling.

Working now, in partnership with Process Integration Ltd, we can offer plant studies targeted at improving performance of whole network systems identifying improvement opportunities such as:-

  • Enhancing heat recovery to reduce energy consumption to relieve furnace load
  • Increasing throughput where feed / effluent exchangers are limited on capacity
  • Reducing fouling associated with thermal degradation of temperature sensitive fluids e.g. crude oil, residues, polymers etc
  • Optimising performance of air cooled exchangers to maximize cooling and minimize fan power
  • Minimising size, weight, power consumption and maintenance of tubular heat exchangers using hiTRAN thermal systems.
  • Overcoming the effects of mal-distribution in multiple bundle systems – stabilising performance of thermo-siphon reboilers at low flow, re-distribution of fluids where phase separation limits heat transfer

Looking beyond individual heat exchangers, CALGAVIN engineers are skilled in the evaluation of overall plant energy use and efficiency. This knowledge and real-world experience can rapidly identify critical performance limits and develop improved solutions.

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Twisted tape

Turbulators to help improve heat exchanger performance.

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hiTRAN Thermal Systems

Enhancing performance of heat exchangers with Wire Matrix Elements (turbulators)

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Simulating tubular heat exchangers equipped with hiTRAN Matrix Elements