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Heat transfer is at the heart of CALGAVIN®. Our engineering team have designed new heat exchangers, verified designs and modelled existing performance of heat exchangers in the field. With knowledge of various TEMA and API type heat exchanger configurations, the aim is to provide designs that not only meet the thermal requirements but also allow straight forward maintenance of the units once commissioned.

In addition to assessing the heat transfer and pressure drop required, our engineers will look at the suitability of correlations and will address issues such as fouling mechanisms, flow distribution, phase stratification and mechanical fatigue where considered relevant. These are sometimes overlooked and not considered when using the assumptions used for standard heat transfer correlations in design.

An audit approach of heat exchangers is taken and is especially important when modelling and proposing solutions to our customers for underperforming existing exchangers.

Various team members have specific skills such that you can be confident CALGAVIN will have a solution to fit your needs.