Engineering Services

CALGAVIN offers a range of consultant engineering services that help optimize your plant’s thermal resources

We have recently broadened our service offering to help improve the heat transfer aspect of plant performance; ranging from optimisation of the total heat exchanger network of a plant, down to maximizing performance of an individual unit.

Analytical Engineering 

Analysing existing exchanger performance and carrying out design work to compare new/enhanced designs against original exchangers for improved efficiency.

– Evaluating specifications from clients to determine thermal rating.
– New design or enhanced design applied to existing requirements.
– Retrofit technology calculations considered for performance improvements.

analytical engineering


Computational fluid dynamics which allows us to simulate processes and see what is occurring inside tubes to a very high degree of accuracy.
– Improved research capabilities.
– Identifying maldistribution and bottlenecking.
– Process simulation allows anticipation of problems.

CFD image

ACHE Trouble shooting

Air Cooler Trouble Shooting, providing solutions for problematic air coolers through a rigorous analysis and review process.
– Quantifying the performance problem
– Indetifying root causes
– Specifying and implementing the correct solution.

air cooler image

Study to Revamp

Providing practical and objective consultancy advice through project engineering to improve your plant operations.
Study & Survey. We would carry out a study on the plant and identify possibilities for optimisation.
Design. We would review existing plant equipment and provide detailed engineering plan for revamp.
Implement. We would prepare a complete implementation plan and provide supervision throughout installation.
Evaluate. We would review and evaluate plant performance, and provide a comprehensive report for the client.

study to revamp