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CALGAVIN®’s engineering team have grown their knowledge of heat transfer through the innovation and research of our heat transfer enhancement products.

A vital skill set in modelling thermal and hydraulic ratings of heat exchangers is at the core of what we do. Further to CALGAVIN’s product offerings, our engineering team is proficient in providing detailed thermal design analysis and reporting as a verification and consultation service.

Companies such as Siemens, Forsyths and Saint-Gobain Norpro have benefitted from our expertise, and our team has supported their needs to help tackle those difficult questions in thermal design.

Our engineering team uses the latest commercial design software including our inside research knowledge of empty tube heat transfer and fluid flow phenomena.

Why not use CALGAVIN’s design team today to support your needs effectively.


HTRI Xchanger Suite®

CALGAVIN® uses the latest version of HTRI Xchanger Suite to rate, simulate and design various options of shell and tube heat exchangers and air coolers. With a good understanding of the underlying theory behind the correlations used within the Suite, our engineers use this as a valuable asset to our offering.

Aspen Exchanger
Design & Rating

As we recognise that many of our customers will use Aspen HYSYS for their process simulations, our design team are also experienced in the use of Aspen EDR. This enables our services to be streamlined for our customers using Aspen products for process and equipment design.

Design & selection program

In instances where projects not only require modelling of standard exchanger designs, but the scope extends to the optimisation of such designs, our own plug-in software CALGAVIN.SP enables CALGAVIN’s heat transfer enhancement products to be modelled in parallel.

Exchanger Optimizer®

Using one of the latest products from HTRI® enables our design team to not only design with optimised thermal performance and maintenance of the exchanger in mind, but also looking at the most economical option to the customer. With this tool, our team are able to evaluate the commercial feasibility of different design options and provide economic breakdowns.