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Who we are

Established in 1980, CALGAVIN® is a British engineering company with global representatives worldwide providing heat transfer solutions to you. At the heart of the company are four values that enable CALGAVIN to deliver our customer’s needs, these are…


Research is at the centre of CALGAVIN’s business, with a range of test facilities within its internal Research & Development department. CALGAVIN also actively develops research programmes, in collaboration with the United Kingdom and overseas universities, to support their cutting-edge process enhancement solutions. This valuable network of research and the generation of performance data provides a high level of confidence needed by its clients.


Working closely with clients from the onset, CALGAVIN’s engineers carefully assimilate original and current plant data with client needs, to provide practical and economic proposals. The company’s Best Practice Policy is supported and achieved by the use of state-of-the-art software including HTRI Xchanger Suite®, Aspen Exchanger Design & Rating, Ansys CFD® and Fluent®, in conjunction with CALGAVIN's CALGAVIN®.SP design and selection program.


For over 40 years, CALGAVIN has built up unrivalled expertise in the thermal design and analysis of process plants. New products and new services are developed to meet ongoing process challenges. Our engineering team has extensive knowledge of thermodynamics, heat transfer and fluid flow phenomena, combined with global experience providing improvement solutions to hundreds of plants worldwide. (References upon request).


Process systems and operating parameters are complex and often quite different from plant to plant. Each requires a detailed and professional study to find the optimum solution. CALGAVIN’s products and services are engineered to meet defined needs for improving heating, cooling, boiling, vaporising, condensing, fouling mitigation, fluid mixing and other fluid management requirements. We provide the solution and the responsibility that goes with it.

Meet the team

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Why choose CALGAVIN?


CALGAVIN has grown its engineering expertise for over 40 years, working with many global energy companies, EPC contractors and equipment fabricators.

Trusted Partner

We understand our clients’ challenges, listen to their needs and expectations, ensuring project success.

Case Studies

Improvement to plant needs to be the least risk, cost-effective and using proven technology. Case studies prove why we are confident.

Fundamental Research

Understanding the fundamentals of heat and mass transfer and their application to industry underpins our investment in research to support our innovation and process solutions.