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Martin Gough

Managing Director

Martin is the founder and Managing Director of CALGAVIN® Limited, formed in 1980 to research and develop enhancement solutions to improve the performance of tubular heat exchangers and reactors.

The company now provides a range of products and services in the field of heat exchange engineering including hiTRAN® tube-side enhancement systems, thermal design, performance analytical services and de-bottleneck studies together with process-specific new product development, and testing. The company invests extensively in both fundamental and applied research. Martin has developed extensive experience internationally through the incorporation of university research programmes with on-going industrial needs. His effective communication skills have been a requirement in developing the company’s quality standard for technical presentations given worldwide and now also through webinars.


Martin is a firm believer in collaboration and networking, often driving difficult projects through valuable solutions for industry. Martin has experience in the development of products, generating and managing multiple research projects. He has authored and co-authored several papers in the field of thermal processing. He is a past Chairman of the Heat Transfer Society and organises industrial conferences and exhibitions now marketed globally as ‘Heat Exchange Engineering’ (HEE), previous - HEE Asia 2017 (Kuala Lumpur), HEE Europe 2019 (Prague) and upcoming HEE North America 2020 (Toronto). Martin was elected as President of the UK Heat Transfer Society at the recent annual dinner and awards night in London, for 2019/20.


He co-organised and chaired the 2004 European Thermal Sciences Conference and gave the Plenary Lecture at the International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering - CHISA 2012. Martin was previously a Board Director of Heat Transfer Research Inc. (HTRI) (2004 – 2012) and committee member of the Crude Oil Fouling Task Force. Martin travels widely in support of this UK business giving technical presentations to engineering teams worldwide resulting in exports of more than 90% of its products and services to some 40 countries.

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