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Economic heat transfer enhancement

Benefiting from the experience and success of applying heat transfer enhancement to many types of heat exchanger in a wide variety of process plants, CALGAVIN® has steadily expanded its range of products and solutions business.

CALGAVIN’s products provide solutions to a variety of customers including end users/operators of process plants, original equipment manufacturers of heat exchangers and contracting companies. For each different type of customer, the associated benefits are different, but improvements are available for existing/retrofit projects or new design/revamps saving overall costs. Benefits on offer are…

  • For existing plants…
  • Increased heat duty
  • Increased throughput
  • Re-use of existing equipment
  • Short payback time
  • For new designs…
  • Reduced number of shells/bundles for the same duty
  • Reduced exchanger and plot size
  • Lower capital and operating costs
  • Controllable operation across the laminar to turbulent transition

Why choose CALGAVIN?


CALGAVIN has grown its engineering expertise for over over 40 years, working with many global energy companies, EPC contractors and equipment fabricators.

Trusted Partner

We understand our clients’ challenges, listen to their needs and expectations, ensuring project success.

Case Studies

Improvement to plant needs to be the least risk, cost-effective and using proven technology. Case studies prove why we are confident.

Fundamental Research

Understanding the fundamentals of heat and mass transfer and their application to industry underpins our investment in research to support our innovation and process solutions.