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Supporting expansion in downstream processing

Over the last 10 years, global acceleration of new process plant investment has been seen. $Billion projects are being executed to keep up with the world’s supply and ever increasing demand of plastics, fertilisers and hydrocarbon based consumables

Whether the feedstock is ethane or naphtha, the market is not slowing down. Process designs and operating licences are increasing in competitiveness and looking towards the novel technologies available on the market for both improved operating and capital economy.

Leading companies such as DOW, INEOS, Shell, Total, Phillips 66, BASF and others have all utilised CALGAVIN®’s products and services in order to overcome poor heat transfer. Heat transfer enhancement can benefit many aspects of thermal processes including heating and cooling of viscous flows, film boiling, mist flow,condensing inerts and improving mass transfer properties. More energy intensive processing of hydrocarbons relies on energy-efficient heat transfer which in turn produces high quality and valuable products, where even small percentage improvements can have economic impact.

Petrochemical / Chemical applications

Olefin vaporisers/

Improved phase distribution through the tubes and mitigation of either film boiling or stratified flow are mechanisms that can be improved upon using hiTRAN systems.

Resin coolers

Very high viscosities on the tube side and generally water cooling on the shell side for such a service are key characteristics for hiTRAN where heat transfer is controlled on the tube side.

Polymer exchangers

Typical viscosities of the order of 1000cP are found within these services and it is the essential heat transfer mixing which is needed for improved efficiency created from hiTRAN.

MDI exchangers

Cooling or condensing of MDI can be greatly enhanced through bulk mixing of components and removing condensate to maintain condensation achievable with hiTRAN.

TDI exchangers

Efficient TDI evaporators contributing to the production process of urethane will always need to keep up with the demand of the modern world, hiTRAN can help maintain product quality and high throughput.Improved phase distribution through the tubes and mitigation of either film boiling or stratified flow are mechanisms that can be improved upon using hiTRAN systems.

Polyol exchangers

An essential ingredient for the production of resins, the nature of polyol blends will operate in laminar conditions, the ideal range for enhancement.

Amide coolers

These coolers are part of the nylon process and cooling may suffer throughout yearly conditions, hiTRAN technology can maintain the optimised performance needed.

Ammonia vaporisers

To ensure sufficient vapour qualities, by using hiTRAN enhancement, you can be sure of mitigation of phase stratification and improved vapour heating.

<strong>Michael Coyle</strong>, Braskem Americas & Dow Joint Venture

Very simply, operating performance has been terrific, much better than what I had expected. Might be the best money I ever spent as an Engineer in my 37-year career

Michael Coyle, Braskem Americas & Dow Joint Venture