Design Services

CALGAVIN can offer consultant design services for your tubular heat exchangers, new or old

With every enquiry that passes through CALGAVIN, we always aim to provide a high level of professionalism and service that will be remembered by the customer.

To achieve this we endeavour to reach improved performance on every project and to present to the customer the best set of most cost effective options before them. Some of our design targets that we aim to bring to you as a client are:

  • Size reduction
  • Energy Reduction
  • Lowering Capital Cost
  • Eliminating Maintenance Requirements
  • Minimising Plot Space
  • Fewer Tube Rows/Passes

Understanding your needs and requirements is paramount to how we operate at CALGAVIN, in order to bring you the maximum economic and technical benefits to your own particular processes and plants.

Design Software

CALGAVIN engineers use a selection of design software for evaluating cases. Through internal research we have developed a software called hiTRAN.SP (click here for more details) and this utility enables CALGAVIN engineers to simulate tubular exchangers equipped with hiTRAN thermal systems.

Using this tool we have also developed plug-ins for two of the most widely used exchanger design software packages; HTRI and Aspen EDR. Using these we can easily assimilate datasheets sent by clients in order to design accurately performing exchangers, both including and excluding hiTRAN thermal systems or twisted tapes.

software logos

If you would like to make an enquiry for consultant design services, or for engineering services including turbulators, you can email our engineers directly or come through to us in other ways via our contact page.