Heat Exchanger Solutions

Benefiting from the experience and success of applying heat transfer enhancement to many types of heat exchangers in a wide variety of process plants, CALGAVIN has steadily expanded its Products and Solutions business to meet the changing needs and problems found when operating process heat exchangers.

Gaining a real understanding of the hydraulics and thermodynamics is the key to solving exchanger operating limitations and then finding solutions to improving performance in a range of heat exchangers. CALGAVIN’s engineers are experienced in the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics, and have applied flow visualization techniques to gain insight into specific fluid dynamics such as with the use of Particle Image velocimetry and laser dopler anemometry. To support this CALGAVIN invests some 15% of its turnover in research that provides data on how to rectify heat transfer issues that heat exchangers may face (see here for more detail) and provide benefits such as :-

  • Overcoming tubeside maldistribution problems by the use of variable density tube inserts turbulators, creating different pressure loss paths that redirect fluid to meet an improved flow distribution pattern.
  • Stabilizing thermo-siphon re-boiler operation, when subject to flow turndown conditions.
  • Reducing reaction fouling, typically found when heating  temperature sensitive hydrocarbons by lowering tube surface temperature while maintaining thermal performance
  • Increasing tube surface temperature to relieve pour-point problems whilst maintaining performance.
  • Increasing the rate of condensation in multi-component condensers by providing surface drainage combined with enhanced heat and mass transfer.
  • Increasing and maintaining fluid distribution in Falling Film Evaporators.

CALGAVIN engineers are happy to review and discuss your thermal processing problems and help you find solutions.

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