Energy Saving

Plants benefit from energy savings when hiTRAN Thermal Systems are applied, for a number of reasons.

For new plants, the optimum energy consumption is greater than the thermodynamic minimum.  The cost of heat recovery equipment must be balanced against the energy saved, to arrive at the minimum life cycle cost of the plant.  The optimum design depends on the cost of energy and the cost of heat recovery heat exchangers.  Where hiTRAN Thermal Systems can reduce the capital cost of heat exchangers, the optimum will shift towards a lower energy consumption.

Another direct energy saving benefit in new plants is the reduction in operating costs for air-cooled heat exchangers.  Wherever air-cooled heat exchangers are used their fans consume electrical energy, meaning that we must use energy to throw energy away!  In many cases hiTRAN Thermal Systems will dramatically reduce the size of air-cooled heat exchangers and by doing so reduce their electrical energy requirements.  This effect can be demostrated by comparing the electricity consumption of an air-cooled heat exchanger with and without hiTRAN Thermal Systems inserted (seen here).

In existing process plants, the opportunity exists to increase the amount of heat recovered and therefore drive energy consumption down.  Because hiTRAN Thermal Systems are easily retrofitted, savings in energy costs can be achieved at low cost and with minimal downtime.  This means that the payback time for such retrofits is attractive.  Some examples of such simple and cost-effective retrofits are shown below:

Texas Tower

(CS19) Texas Tower (feed/effluent) retrofit upgrade delivers 15% increased throughput, 0.8 MW additional heat recovery and a reduction of 1700t/yr carbon emission from a fired heater. RUHR OEL (BP AMERICA INC)

Feed effluent exchangers on hydrotreatment unit in catalytic reforming plant.

(CS21) Feed/effluent exchanger retrofit enables higher throughput and cuts energy use by 4.6 MW, saving up to US$233,000/yr in fuel costs. LUKOIL – VOLGOGRADNEFTEPERERABOTKA LLC