Easy installation of hiTRAN Thermal Systems

The hiTRAN Thermal Systems are specially designed to be flexible for ease and speed of installation even where access is very confined; this flexibility also allows the system to adjust to any tube diameter tolerances. Installation is straightforward and involves pulling (or in some instances pushing) the hiTRAN into the tubes in the direction of flow which are then secured.

Once installed, the hiTRAN usually need no attention. However, they can be easily removed and reinstalled the same way should maintenance require access to the tubes.

hiTRAN Installation into New Equipment

In new Heat Exchanger equipment the exchanger fabricator will carry out the installation of hiTRAN after completion of the bundle. CALGAVIN provides all instructions needed, fitting equipment and method of securing the elements. Many fabricators have experience in fitting hiTRAN. If required, we can arrange for a CALGAVIN technician to supervise the installation and provide the necessary experience for future work.

hiTRAN Installation in U-Tubes

hiTRAN can be fitted into the straight leg of U-tubes. The Turbulator simply has to be push fitted instead of being pulled into place. The turbulators will be manufactured with a looser fit and one leg of each tube will have the element fitted in the opposite flow direction. These factors are taken into account when the engineers carry out their performance calculations with hiTRAN.SP.

hiTRAN Installation in Retrofits

Retrofits are remarkably common with hiTRAN Thermal Systems. Provided the tubeside has been effectively cleaned this is normally achieved without difficulty and the heat exchanger does not normally need to be removed from the plant. CALGAVIN technicians have many years of site experience and have developed a range of techniques to allow rapid fitting of elements within demanding shutdown schedules.

Fixing rods on a hiTRAN System

Texas Tower installation