Designing New Exchangers or Retrofitting?

hiTRAN Thermal Systems technology provides significant benefits whether you are designing a new heat exchanger or trying to get more out of an existing one.

New Heat Exchanger Design

For new heat exchanger designs, the technology provides significant capital cost reduction from reduced surface area, less exchangers, less plot space, weight reduction and lower installation costs. New tubular heat exchanger designs can be significantly improved by the application of hiTRAN Thermal Systems.


Retrofitting heat exchangers with hiTRAN Thermal Systems will increase plant productivity, improve product quality and reduce energy with no adaptations necessary to the build network. For over 30 years the technology has provided a robust solution for increased performance of existing heat exchangers. Compared to alternative solutions, enhancement retrofits are fast and simple, and can deliver real improvements for an incredibly modest cost.

Our Experience

Many examples of hiTRAN Thermal Systems applications are available as case studies, and greater depth is provided through published papers. Our engineering knowledge is demonstrated through our CALGAVIN Knowledge Hub, and our engineering teams would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding specific heat exchangers and their applications.

If you have HTRI or AspenTech EDR software products you can also explore the benefits of hiTRAN Thermal Systems through detailed simulations by downloading CALGAVIN’s specialist software – hiTRAN SP.