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CALGAVIN Launches new Website

CALGAVIN Launches new Website


                <p>At CALGAVIN we have been working hard creating a new website experience for our visitors, which uses the latest multi-platform system, so it can be viewed on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.</p>

<p>This new website was launched on Wednesday 6th May 2020 which includes details of product applications across multiple <a title="Industries" href="../../../../industries">Industries</a>, our <a title="Engineering Services" href="../../../../engineering-services">Engineering Services</a>, the <a title="Products &amp; Software" href="../../../../products-and-software">Products &amp; Software</a> we offer and our <a title="Development" href="../../../../development">Development</a> taking place in Research &amp; Development.</p>

<p>Key members of CALGAVIN's team are shown, the latest <a title="News" href="../../../../news">News</a> by category and our upcoming events for exhibitions and conferences in addition to our webinar program.</p>

<p>It also includes multiple language versions for <a title="Italian" href="">Italian</a>, <a title="German" href="">German</a>, <a title="French" href="">French</a>, <a title="Spanish" href="">Spanish</a>, <a title="Russian" href="">Russian</a>, <a title="Korean" href="">Korean</a>, <a title="Japanese" href="">Japanese</a> and <a title="Chinese (Simplified)" href="">Chinese (Simplified)</a> for engineers around the world to improve understanding.</p>

<p>So please do visit the new <a href="../../../../"></a> website and let us have your thoughts and feedback.</p>

<p>We will be reviewing the website effectiveness on a regular basis and will take any feedback and comments into that process.</p>