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Event Report: Ch. Mech. Engineers of Oil Refineries - Russia

Event Report: Ch. Mech. Engineers of Oil Refineries - Russia

The 20th anniversary of the Council of Chief Mechanical Engineers of oil refining of Russia and the CIS Exhibition and Conference took place near to Moscow, Russia in late November 2017.

The event was attended by current chief mechanical engineers of the Oil Refinery Plants in Russia, but also companies from the CIS and overseas. Also in attendance were retired former chief engineers from around Russia.

It was attended by CALGAVIN® Managing Director Martin Gough and Russian agent Sergei Sivukha.

The event has become an important industry event, including the professional oil and gas community, and giving a new impetus to the development of the Russia & CIS oil refining industry.

It was mainly a Russian event with only two other non-Russian companies in attendance, with CALGAVIN from the UK and a German company. The CALGAVIN invitation came via Bureau HiProm, our Russian agents.

Martin Gough had been given the opportunity to give a short presentation, with some introduction words in Russian and then continuing in English.

As Gough commented “It was important for CALGAVIN to be at this conference and for the opportunity to work together on the upgrading, revamping and optimising oil and gas plants in Russia”

At this conference, fruitful conversations were had were senior representatives of Lukoil, following up on their big expansion project, working with Bureau HiProm. This included talking detailed presentations, on past projects in thermal processing, at the hiProm stand.

While in Russia Gough also met via video conference, at Sibur HQ, with representatives from multiple plants of SIBUR, the major Russian gas processing and petrochemical company with 26 production sites around Russia. The main site being Tomsk in Siberia.

Separately Gough also presented to a key group of academics at the Energy Research Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, to discuss thermal processing issues in the oil and gas industries.