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James Squire Joins CALGAVIN's Research & Development Team!

James Squire Joins CALGAVIN's Research & Development Team!

We're thrilled to welcome James Squire to the CALGAVIN team! With an impressive background in Research and Development across the Printing and Pharmaceutical industries, James brings a wealth of expertise and innovation to our CALGAVIN division.

In his previous role at Rem3dy Health TA Nourish3d, a dynamic startup focused on revolutionising healthcare where his role involved developing ways to manufacture 3D printed vitamins more efficiently. His experience in engineering workshops and proficiency in operating CNC machines have equipped him with invaluable skills for tackling diverse challenges.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, James is deeply passionate about 3D printing, recycling, upcycling, design, art and vintage reclamation. We're excited to harness his creative energy and expertise to drive innovation and excellence.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to James!