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Obituary: Dr. T. Reg Bott

Obituary: Dr. T. Reg Bott

We are sad to inform that Dr T. Reg Bott passed away last week aged 91.  He worked at the University of Birmingham, in the School of Chemical Engineering, until his retirement. His specialist subject being heat exchange and exchanger fouling of which he was an expert in particle deposition.

He was also a close colleague and co-worker of Professor Stephen Ellis, who is the father-in-law to the CALGAVIN® founder Martin Gough.

He was very supportive of Martin Gough in his early formative years of getting the wire matrix technology (now hiTRAN Thermal Systems) developed and ready for market.

In 2014 at the 50th Heat Transfer Society dinner, Dr Bott was bestowed the highest honour by the Heat Transfer Society with its Fellowship, which is given to someone who has given long and distinguished service to heat transfer. 

He was also presented with a copy of his autobiography which had been signed by many of those attending the dinner.

As Martin Gough commented to fellow industry colleague Prof. Barry Crittenden “Thank you so much for letting me know about the passing of Reg. In fact, I was only talking about him with an academic in India the other day. He is remembered with great affection by many worldwide.”